Podcast Masters is the only service you need to launch your podcast.

Our podcast team is ready to deliver your show to an audience awaiting to hear it. We provide everything you need to get started, so that you can focus on your voice and engaging with your guests.


Weekly Consultation

Recording audio isn’t easy; we’ll be on call every step of the way to help get your equipment setup.

Guest Scheduling

Put our network of powerful entrepreneurs as guests on your show.

Web Hosting & Feeds

We’ll set up your RSS feed, manage your blog, post your shows, and publish your feed.

Full Show Notes

Give your listener detailed notes, links, timestamps, and extra resources.

Audio Enhancement

Noise reduction, compression, EQ, and volume control bring presence and strength to all your audio.

Artwork & Intro Music

Brand your show with custom artwork, intro music, voiceovers, and advertisements.

39 Million Americans just listened to a podcast...

Was it yours?


Cody Boyce

Cody Boyce

Meet the overseer...

Cody D Boyce is a Columbus-based entrepreneur and podcast host with over a decade of audio production & engineering experience. He has spent his career helping creators craft their voice and bring their vision to life – first with musicians, and now podcasters. Cody believes that everyone has a unique story worth telling, and starting Podcast Masters has given him the opportunity to share the stories of over 70 hosts and countless guests.

I tried working with over half a dozen other audio engineers, and Cody was by far the best. He’s kept open communication to make sure my needs are met, and then seeks to exceed those needs with each successive project.


The Art Of Change

Boom! Nailed it Again! Produced two of my episodes within a few hours with professional quality. Cody and his team are definitely pros in the game! Highly recommend.


Hustle To Greatness

We have a plan for everyone.

Whether you’re a brand new podcaster or in the iTunes top 100, we have something to fit your needs.
Take a load off; and let us get to work.

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